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AI, technology and changes in consumer behavior are opening more opportunities for business than any other time in modern history.

But most business-people will fail to maximize their profits because they don’t know what’s coming next and how to benefit from it.

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My keynotes help professionals profit from trends. Are you looking for a great speaker and a presentation like no other?

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— Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Daniel Levine

  • Keynote Speaker with over 326 presentations for 37+ industries in 39 countries

  • Executive Director of the Avant-Guide Institute trends consultancy

  • Leader of a large proprietary network of influential trend spotters

  • Bestselling Author of  11 books on trends, business, travel and marketing

  • Corporate Consultant for American Express, Intel, HBO, NBC, BMW & many more

  • Global Editor of WikiTrends for business professionals and entrepreneurs

—Peter Jackson, BMW

Daniel is not just trusted, he’s adored. I mean they really love him!

That’s why he’s rated “Best Speaker of the Conference” 96% of the time and the proven choice of hundreds of professional meeting planners, major associations and top executives.

“Feedback surveys consistently confirm what I routinely see from the stage: audiences laughing in amazement, buzzing with inspiration, and scribbling down ideas they can’t wait to apply.”


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—AmEx National Summit
—The New York Times

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