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Daniel Levine with a headset mic talking to a business conference

Daniel Levine Keynote Speaker Innovation Trends Futurist
Global trends keynote, Madrid

1. Global Trends and the Future of Almost Everything

As a business leader, knowing what is now isn’t enough – you also need to know what will be, or you will be left behind.

Tomorrow’s world will look vastly different from today’s, so strap on your jetpack and get ready for an exhilarating “sneak peek” into the contemporary culture of tomorrow.

You will be treated to a glimpse of everything that matters – including the future of finance, technology, consumerism, transportation, communication and more.

This is your opportunity to ride the waves of the future and leave competitors in your wake.

  • Discover amazing new trends that will transform your industry
  • Get clarity on the future of technology and how to best take advantage of it
  • Be inspired by successes outside your industry that will help you innovate from within
  • Learn how to profit from trends and become a trend setter
  • Impress colleagues, friends and spouses with your newly acquired vision of the future
Audience enjoying an innovation trends keynote from Daniel Levine
Consumer trends made fun, London

2. What Your Customers Secretly Want… and How to Give it to Them

Why do some people choose you… while others decide to go elsewhere?

Understanding consumer trends is a critical part of your sales process and if you want to thrive – and not just survive – you need to pinpoint exactly why your customers do what they do.

In this thrilling presentation, global trends expert Daniel Levine will take you on a deep dive to reveal what your customers are actually thinking and feeling.

Discover the real values and attitudes behind why they buy, understand trends that are quickly changing the consumer landscape, and learn from organizations, brands, and products that are embracing trends and change with spectacular results. You’ll leave this presentation empowered to benefit from the profitable secrets of trends.

  • Spot the latest consumer trends
  • Discover the ‘why’ behind the buy
  • Acquire more loyal customers by aligning your messaging with their sensibilities
  • Get in front of consumer expectations
  • Become the first to profit from what your competition may only see eventually
Keynote speaker Daniel Levine talking about futurism
Futurist technology keynote, New York

3. Trends With Benefits: Lessons From the Future of Technology

We are living in the future we always dreamed of, but it can be difficult to know which future to embrace.

Is your business using technology or is technology using you? Are you riding long-term trends or are you being distracted by flash-in-the-pan fads? What tech will stick and which will we soon forget?

This presentation is the time machine your business needs to understand, embrace and benefit from the right technologies.

Discover the real-world applications you need to stay ahead of trends. Your competitors will be left walking on all fours as you fly into the future.

  • Get clarity on the future of technology
  • Serve the world your business will be in, not the one in which it was created
  • Learn how corporations around the world are using tech efficiently
  • Become the first to profit from what your competition may only see eventually
Creating innovation at a workshop with Daniel Levine in the Philippines
Trend-based innovation “Playshop” in Manila

4. Shaping the Trends of Tomorrow: A Hands-On Workshop “Playshop”

Now that you understand the basics of trends, this is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves and put your new-found expertise to work.

In this intensive, interactive and playful workshop – or “playshop” – you’ll get hands-on experience creating real, actionable products, services and marketing initiatives.

You will discover a simple methodology to create new trends based initiatives and walk away with the confidence to implement them.

Some of the world’s highest-ranking CEOs have made decisive changes in their business as a result of what they learned from this workshop.

  • Learn how to seek out and recognize relevant new trends
  • Discover new opportunities

  • Implement profitable trends-based initiatives
  • Become the go-to person for trends in your office
  • Master the power of trends-based innovation